With three decades of combined production experience, Dream Chaser founders Jennifer Esquivel and Lauro Chartrand know how to create movies that are both cost effective and efficient. As independent filmmakers, their primary focus is to develop strong, well-written stories with wide audience appeal.

Dream Chaser offers established relationships with distributors in the United States and Canada. Dream Chaser also has the ability to pull together a full crew for any size production. Our work ethic and passion for filmmaking is second to none, attracting industry professionals to our team and away from big-budget Hollywood films.

Dream Chaser also boasts working relationships with a wide range of industry professionals, including writers, producers, directors, casting directors, dop’s, art directors, attorneys and all levels of crew.

Support from the film communities in Vancouver and Los Angeles is nothing short of amazing! In fact, during the Chemical Evil promotional trailer shoot, over one hundred industry professionals volunteered their time and hard work to make it a reality.

Dream Chaser Productions hopes to make an impact in the film world with projects that capture the essence of movie magic.

Lauro Chartrand, Producer/Director

Lauro Chartrand has carved a unique path as a producer/director. It’s not surprising that Lauro has been a prominent figure in the world of action films since transitioning from Martial Arts competitor and instructor over twenty years ago. Being mentored through the Martial Arts by legendary Master Fumio Demura, he already had a head start in the action genre.

From his early years as a stunt perfomer, he was influenced by and worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, such as Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris.

Because of his extensive and vast Martial Arts background, Chuck Norris brought him onto the long-running TV series, Walker Texas Ranger, as the fight director. Thus began his desire to direct. From there, his reputation gained momentum and before long he was one of the busiest action designers in the business, launching the beginning of his 2nd Unit directing career.

After paying his dues for several years, Lauro was asked to step up as a director on the action film Born To Raise Hell, starring Steven Seagal. Born To Raise Hell sold more units than any other Seagal film in the previous decade, cementing Lauro’s spot as one of three directors on the TV series “True Justice”.

As partner in Dream Chaser Productions, Lauro currently has several films in development both as producer, and director.



Producer Jennifer Esquivel has a passion for both television and feature films. Her path to producing began under mentor and documentary film pioneer Robert Guenette on a project for David Wolper and The Discovery Channel. With an opportunity to grow and learn from Mr. Guenette, she quickly realized that this was her calling. From there, Jennifer joined the producing team on independent feature P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, with actor Steve Guttenberg, who produced, starred and directed.

Soon after that, Jennifer began developing projects for The Hallmark Channel, working closely with writers to help create compelling stories. One of her proudest accomplishments was Executive Producing Annie's Point, starring Betty White and Richard Thomas, which Jennifer developed and shaped from concept.

While still creating content with Hallmark in mind, Jennifer joined forces with longtime friend Lauro Chartrand, and Dream Chaser Productions was borne. Jennifer and Lauro jumped head first into creating and securing projects that they are passionate about for their film slate. Together, they have worked tirelessly to develop several feature film projects under the Dream Chaser banner.

Jennifer is also creating and developing several reality-based television projects; endeavoring to make a splash in the fitness world through a groundbreaking project that encompasses DVDs, interactive workouts and a clothing line; and is producing and directing a feature film documentary about Michael Jackson’s fans.