Ace of Spades

A police detective at the top of his game has his life torn apart when his wife is murdered, his daughter kidnapped, and he is framed for it.

Suspended from the police force, and all alone, he must start at the bottom and work his way up the underworld food chain to find out who is responsible. As the clues unfold, he's forced to fight through several gangs to get to his man... only to be captured, tortured, and almost beaten to death.

With the help of a young woman, he is nursed back to health and returns with an even stronger vengeance, upon learning his daughter is still alive.

Now he knows he must kill his ex partner and fight his way to the top to bring down The Ace of Spades.

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Chemical Evil (Horror/Action)
Written by Lauro Chartrand & Andrew Garland

Deep in the Amazon jungle, an elite team of scientists is working hard to perfect a cure for cancer, but what they stumble upon appears to be a cure for death. When it falls into the hands of an evil dictator, Armageddon looms. The scientists must retrieve their serum before it's too late.  In a battle against "The General" and his un-dead, unstoppable rebel army, will good overcome evil?

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Lost Inside (Drama, based on a true story)
Written by Dean Bruggeman

At 23, Michele Greene is living her dreams: firefighting career, loving family, first baby on the way.  But when disaster strikes in the form of an aneurysm, she must fight her way back not only from the brink of death but from the cusp of identity, as memory loss & illness conspire to steal the very core of who she is, was, and ever hoped to become.

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Get Critter (Action-Comedy)
Written by Mike Kershaw & Chris Carnel

After years of working to bust into Hollywood as a stuntman, Chris "Critter" Corral still doesn't have what it takes to be noticed -- a stunt reel. But how can he get a reel if he can't get a job? While watching TV one night, a police chase cuts in live… and an idea is borne. In a madcap scheme, Chris devises elaborate stunts to perform across the city, while courting local news choppers for footage. The heat is on for Chris and his buddies to keep the police at bay until he has enough footage for his reel. Who will be the first to Get Critter - Hollywood or the cops?

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Rum and Ritalin (Drama)
Written by Andrew Garland

Set in a present day decaying suburb, RUM AND RITALIN delves deep into the world of teen angst as we follow a rich cast of characters whose paths intermingle and collide over the course of a few days. All of them are at a crossroads in their lives, whether they realize it or not. While the stories unfold separately, all are tied together by a sudden and horrible tragedy that occurs in the darkest hour of the night. Everyone's course, for better or for worse, will be changed forever.

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