Ace of Spades

We meet tormented ex-Detective Mark Rooker in the midst of fighting to regain everything that has been taken from him. Once at the top of his game, his world was torn apart when his wife was murdered and his daughter mysteriously disappeared. When Rooker’s gun is found at the scene of the crime he immediately becomes a suspect and is suspended from the force, so he takes matters into his own hands.

He sets out on a path of retribution that leads him deep into the belly of a twisted criminal underworld that preys on the carnal desires of society. He starts at the bottom of the syndicate food chain, uncovering clues, and fighting through peons and cartel bosses, finding out who is behind the violence incurred by his family. Rooker gets too close, resulting in his capture and torture to near death.

After being left for dead a young woman helps nurse him back to health and his spark is again ignited as he learns that his daughter is, in fact, still alive. He sets off with an even stronger vengeance in order to save his little girl. It becomes clear that the criminals responsible for her disappearance are further up the hierarchy than he ever could have imagined, and that his ex-partner was involved in the murder of his wife.

With his own flesh and blood at stake, Rooker is willing to risk it all to save his little girl. Now he knows he must kill his ex-partner and make his way to the top to bring down the Ace of Spades.

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