Chemical Evil (Horror/Action)
Written by Lauro Chartrand & Andrew Garland
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Deep in the Amazon jungle, ex-Navy Seal turned scientific researcher, Roger Johnson, and his elite team of scientists are about to uncover the secret to curing cancer… But they soon realize they may have stumbled upon something far more monumental -- a potential cure for death.

From their tiny jungle camp, far from civilization, Armageddon is dawning. With billions of dollars at stake and the entire planet's life force in peril, the race is on.

Under the powerful lobbying of major pharmaceutical companies, the United States military must secure the serum, though not quite perfected. But a self-proclaimed Colombian strongman known as “The General” is closing in, as well.  Tipped off from an inside informant, the General is prepared to seize the cure and kidnap the scientists.

Conflict breaks out as Colombian Rebels swoop in with machine guns, machetes and swarms of troops. Through the maelstrom, Roger manages a narrow escape, saving his life but not the serum.  Now it's up to him and a group of renegade soldiers led by Captain Buck to stage a daring rescue on the General's island stronghold.

It's a life or death race against time to save the scientists and retrieve the “cure for death” before the General puts it on the black market. But is it too late? Inside the stronghold, the rebel army has already been inoculated with the cure, creating an evil, un-dead, unstoppable force.

With a mission to annihilate, Roger and Captain Buck use every ounce of firepower they have, only to watch the rebels get back up and continue the attack.

Deftly maneuvering through gunfire and explosives, Roger and Captain Buck manage to whisk the scientific team out of the General's villa. But their chances of getting off the island alive are slim. On the run and being chased by an enemy they cannot stop, they retreat to an abandoned fort. With the zombie rebels closing in, the remaining team members split up. Little do they know it only makes them easier prey for the unyielding rebels.

Serum in hand, the General and his last remaining men escape to a waiting chopper, leaving nothing but carnage behind on his tropical island compound.

Roger, Captain Buck and the others are left to realize, “Evil has no Cure”.

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