Get Critter (Action-Comedy)
Written by Mike Kershaw & Chris Carnel

Chris Corral’s lifelong dream is to be a Hollywood stuntman. From as far back as he can remember, he’s been popping wheelies, dodging cops and religiously studying “Smokey and the Bandit.”  But breaking in isn’t all about skill, unfortunately. And, after many a love sacrificed to his dream, and days and months of "hustling" work with all the big stunt coordinators in town, he still can’t get his foot in the door.

There’s only one way in – a stunt reel. But how can he pull together a reel if he can’t get a job? While crying into his beer one night, a breaking news story catches his eye -- police are chasing a car along the freeway, in what looks like a very nice “establishing shot”. His wheels instantly turn at lightning speed.

Why can’t that be his establishing shot??

And an idea is born. Pulling all of his buddies together, the precision plotting begins and soon it’s the big day for his premiere stunt. With every detail ironed out, an anonymous tip is called in to FOX news – police chase in progress on the freeway, with the perp driving backward at 60 mph!  FOX news is first on the scene, with young aspiring reporter, LAUREN, breaking the story and airing the chase live for a few minutes. But the other networks and police chopper catch up fast, and the chase is now live on all networks.

Just as it looks like they’ve got him, Chris makes a spectacular 180-degree backward turn, slips through a break in the freeway divider, with traffic methodically blocked by “a pack of motorcyclists” – his buddies. Chris exits the freeway, leaving the cops going 80 mph in the wrong direction, ditches the car in a culvert under the freeway, and is whisked away by a friend. Back at home, with VCRs set to every network, he’s got footage from all angles.

But that’s only the beginning. Still in need of more gags for his reel, it’s back to the drawing board, with each stunt increasingly daring and elaborate -- from car chases and motorcycle tricks to horseback riding and base-jumping off buildings. Chris continues to escape just in the nick of time, making the police look more like the Keystone Kops. The media storm has begun, Lauren front and center, as Chris becomes a local hero and even earns a nickname – Critter.

Goal in sight, Critter strives to complete his reel. But in the final hour, will love get in his way? A fresh romance brewing between Lauren and Chris, she's still hot on the tail of "Critter", and the Police Chief isn't far behind. It's down to the wire as the whole town wonders if anyone will ever "Get Critter"?

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