Rum and Ritalin (Drama)
Written by Andrew Garland

Anger. Fear. Recklessness. Bad choices. Real consequences.

On a deserted suburban street in the middle of the night, a young woman lies clinging to life by the side of the road. And in the garage of a townhouse not too far away, a faded high-school football player furiously scrubs the hood of his girlfriend's car, attempting to remove both the blood from the windshield and the guilt from his conscience.

RUM AND RITALIN follows a small cross-section of suburban youth as their paths intersect, mingle and collide in unexpected ways. Mark, a former high-school football hero now permanently sidelined after a shattering injury, struggles to find a new direction after being unexpectedly robbed of his old one. His girlfriend through high school, Chastity, is a classic overachiever who indulges her delinquent tendencies by “slumming” with Mark, smoking drugs and committing petty theft for her oft-craved adrenaline rush. As they while away the summer days together in a drunken haze, Mark realizes that without a new plan their time together is limited... neither academics nor athletics will guarantee him the scholarship money he needs to go to college with her. But when a golden, potentially lethal opportunity presents itself to fix all of his troubles, Mark makes a decision that sets a disastrous chain of events into motion.

Floating among the youth is “the guy” that everyone knows: Little John, local gangster, untouchable drug kingpin who presides over the local scene. Wise enough to learn from his dad’s bad example, he hatches a game plan to escape before it’s too late. With Nora in tow, he’s one step away from pulling it off… but will someone else’s misguided dreams crush his?

And Danny, seemingly existing in his own little highly intelligent world, he is either puzzling or off-putting to most he meets. An awkward twenty-two year old obsessed with science fiction, comic books and creating his own video game, Danny has always eked out an existence in a marginalized corner of the social stratosphere and never thought anything of it. His brother's exceptional success in medicine, however, spurs Danny to examine his own life a little closer. In an attempt to do at least one “normal” thing right, he decides to ask out the prettiest girl at work... to a comic book convention.

Set in a present day decaying suburb, RUM AND RITALIN delves deep into the world of teenage angst as we follow our rich cast of characters. Whether they realize it or not, all of them are at a crossroads in their lives. While the stories unfold separately, they are tied together by a sudden and horrible tragedy that occurs in the darkest hour of the night. Everyone's course, for better or for worse, will be changed forever.

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